hello. again?


Have we met?

Perhaps it’s the first time – and I hope it’s a pleasure.

If it’s not the first time, and it is indeed, “hello again” – then I have some trouble news for you. Please see the warning to previous blog viewers and chat friends below.

For thos who are just finding my little corner of cyberspace – welcome, here is some basic info:

Welcome to my chat blog
Hello everyone welcome to y chat blog which is all about my chat experiences as a chat room moderator @ various chat rooms around the web. If you like reading about chat room conversations and how tos and do nots of chat room etiquette than this is the blog for you.

I also plan on featuring great content from all around the web you may be interested in viewing and some opinions on things on the web. I always respect other opinions and welcome them here on my chat blog.

About the warning..

Some of you may have noticed a slow load time on our blog pages for a little while. Come to find out some evil assholes hacked our blog and added some bad code that from what I can tell was trying to load some malware viruses onto people’s computers that visited my blog.

Those pathetic losers. Not even a good hack for a cause – just some bullshit “trying to infect other people’s computers” crap. No story, no good reasons… and to use my blog for that – what a waste of fucking time for those idiots. My blog gets like 10 visitors a month, and 9 of those are just bots.

Anyhow, I cleaned up the crap, and now back to the regularly scheduled program.